U.S. Coins

The Culprit

NumiStories is the result of a flame war that I inadvertently caused on a collector forum I used to frequent online. One of the old graybeard collector/dealers was crowing about some new purchase he had made for his registry set and asked for opinions. He posted a photo of his acquisition in its ridiculously high […]

In the Beginning…

I believe everyone has coins in their collection that are only there for sentimental reasons. How many of us became interested in numismatics because of a gift from a grandparent, an obsolete coin in our change, or a chance find while exploring an old barn? My grandma’s house was full of things that an 8 […]

Ever Heard of a Half Cent?

The Half Cent is a fascinating little piece of early American history. This particular coin is an 1804 Draped Bust Half Cent, all of which were struck in Philadelphia. The Draped Bust variety was minted from 1800 to 1808. Many die varieties exist for the 1804 – a common date – and many collectors make […]

Deja Vu All Over Again

Last Sunday night I had one of those moments with my 7 year old son that, when it happens, you know the memory will last a lifetime. Like most people my day ends when I throw my change in a big pickle jar on my dresser and get undressed for bed. Sunday night I took […]

Sometimes It All Comes Together

It”s not often that hobbies overlap in such a way that you are consumed by an urge to research all aspects of the overlap for several months. But after numerous trips to the library and endless hours combing the internet, here is the story of what I’ve been doing since my last update to this […]

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