The Culprit

1883 Morgan Dollar
1883 Morgan Dollar Reverse

NumiStories is the result of a flame war that I inadvertently caused on a collector forum I used to frequent online. One of the old graybeard collector/dealers was crowing about some new purchase he had made for his registry set and asked for opinions. He posted a photo of his acquisition in its ridiculously high mint state grade and the other members oohed and aahed as was to be expected.

I scanned and posted a Morgan dollar my Grandad had carried around in his pocket for umpteen years and said, “I like mine better.” The furor that erupted from those four words is what gave birth to this website.

Mr. Graybeard ranted and raved about my lowbrow collecting habits. How could anyone prefer my VF at best widget to his profoundly preserved pristine product??

My response was as simple as Grandad’s dollar. That scratched and beaten and polished dollar made its way from 1883 San Francisco to 1950 Illinois hand to hand. It served people’s needs. It bought food for a supper table. It was given as a birthday gift to a child. My Grandad found the old coin in the post office change drawer and carried it around for 20 some years, looking at it, thinking about where it had been.

Mr. Graybeard’s coin sat in a vault for 120 years.

I like mine better.

This site is about coins with stories. It’s about history. It’s about the role these coins played in everyday life, where they were used and what was happening at the time.

Mr. Graybeard can keep his high grade, never been touched slabbed stuff. I like dirt, tone, honesty and a good story.

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