Buffalo Nickels – The Abraded Die Varieties by Ron Pope

Great opportunity awaits the dedicated Buffalo variety collector, and this book is the ultimate guide in that endeavor. One look at the advancing values of the two best known abraded die varieties, the 1937-D 3 leg and the 1936-D 3 1/2 leg Buffalo nickels, and one can see the genuine need for this reference. Taking into account the increasing popularity and Red Book acceptance of these varieties, now is the time to begin your search!

What are abraded die varieties? In Part One of this book Ron Pope defines traditional and non-traditional abraded die varieties, explains how these varieties were produced, and devotes a full page to the description of each known date and mintmark for which that variety occurs. These varieties include the 3 and 3 1/2 leg, 2 feathers, and no F (missing designer’s initial). Descriptions include large photos, and a breakdown of the relative rarity, level of collector interest, and up to date values.

Part Two is a fascinating study of every known variety of the 1914 4 over 3 overdate. Huge photos serve to illustrate the diagnostics of each die. Ron’s observations on each of the 8 known dies along with the representation of clear die markers overlayed on to the photos makes this section the best reference to this overdate I’ve seen.

Part Three is essential to understanding the unique strike characteristics of the Buffalo nickel series. Excellent illustrations of weak, typical, good, and full strikes serve to educate the novice or seasoned collector. Here you will learn the difference between wear and a weak strike. The characteristics of Proof dies are illustrated as well. The strike studies of each individual date and mimtmark are dealt with in Part Four, an invaluable guide to your future purchases.

In sum, Buffalo Nickels – The Abraded Die Varieties is a veritable gold mine for the Buffalo nickel cherrypicker. One look through this well written reference and it will be apparent how much Mr. Pope has widened the field of Buffalo nickel collecting.


  1. I have discovered a 1916 buffalo nickel with no “F” in a pile of coins given to me by my grandmother. Is this coin worth anything, I have tried to do some research but have not found a lot. Your help would be appreciated. The coin is VF-30. Thanks!

  2. I really appreciate the nice review of my book as seen above. I will be glad to contribute anything I can to this website.


    • Cal Goddard says:

      HI—I read Ken Potter’s Coin World article today, featuring the new future CPG listing for the 1916 FS-401….after reading the article, I scurried up to my local coin shop, and, found what I believe is a nice EF40 specimen.
      If you read this Ron, or, if anyone knows his email address, I would like to send pics, and, the coin out for evaluation. I am buying the abraded die book now, off Amazon.
      Cal Goddard
      Petaluma, CA

    • I am looking at a 1936 quaudruple die ms s 66 ngc what is the value of this coin

    • what do u know about 1916 d 3.5 leg buffalo nickel? is it real?

      • The ’16-D 3 1/2 Leg is a controversial variety. First reported in 2004, the inner foreleg is not nearly as effaced as the other known 3HL varieties, though the difference between it and a normal ’16-D is apparent.

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