A Numistories Milestone!

Another Pennsylvania September has arrived with its customary cool weather, high school football games, and fall festivals. It’s this general slowdown that allowed me to begin this blog one year ago this month. At the time, I had no idea that in 12 short months my site would garner the following it has today. On September 1 Numistories surpassed the 100,000 hit mark. It makes me wonder where we would be if my posts hadn’t been so sporadic in the beginning!

In the course of the past year I’ve made many new friends, some of whom were kind enough to submit stories of their own for our enjoyment. Members of the forum at PCGS.com and the Early American Coppers club have been particularly helpful. The forum is free at PCGS so if you haven’t dropped in to see the amazing array of topics being discussed there you really should. The EAC is also an excellent group to join if you have an interest in early U.S. copper.

It became apparent early on that the most popular posts were the ones with a heavy emphasis on the human interest side of our hobby. We all seem to have a dash of nostalgia in our psyches that enhances our enjoyment of the numismatic pursuit. Perhaps that’s why we collect. As we grow older that connection becomes more tenuous and the presence of these small solid metal objects that we have attached significance to serves to reassure us of our power over the past.

A special thanks goes out to Mr. Ron Pope. His kindness over the years has served to keep my interest in coin collecting alive. At times the mind can wander, particularly when the cash to add some new object of affection is non existent. Mr. Pope unknowingly sparked interest in new directions for me when other distractions came to the fore.

And so here’s to another year of Numistories. I invite anyone with a collecting story, be it a profound achievement or a simple warm childhood memory, to please submit it to numistories@gmail.com and I will share it with this wonderful audience. Thank you!

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