1839 N-6 Large Cent VG8 The “Booby Head”


A Fine Large Cent but she acquired a few obverse scrapes and a rim bump at star 1 over the last 174 years, thus the net grade of VG8. This is a great example of the “Booby Head”, so called because the hair actually wraps around underneath the rear prominence of the shoulder. The broken stem on the outer berry at “TE(D)” is prominent, no line between “ONE” and “CENT”, and puckered lips of lady Liberty all designate this the N-6 variety. Own a Booby Head for  $23

1839 N-4 Large Cent VG10

1839N4obv1839N4rev A nice example of the Red Book “Silly Head” variety with above average surfaces for the grade. The underlined “L” in “LIBERTY” and the lack of a berry at “T” in “CENT” are clear attributes of the Newcomb-4 variety. Only $27


1836 N-2 Large Cent G5


A nice example of the “Young Head” Red Book variety with VG details, net graded to G5 due to the roughness on the reverse. The two long pointed leaves under the second “S” of “STATES” are very evident, which defines the Newcomb-2 variety, slightly less common at R2.  Only $20

1929-P Standing Liberty Quarter EF40 SOLD!

Here’s a great addition to your type set if you’re looking for a good representative of the “recessed date” variety. One of my prettiest SLQs for only $35!

1926-P Standing Liberty Quarter EF40 SOLD!

All original with a little color at the lower periphery on the obverse and a few splashes on the reverse. Great price! Only $40

1920-S Standing Liberty Quarter VF25 SOLD!

If you want a branch mint SLQ with a nice strike have a look at this ’20-S! Only $50 SOLD!

1917-P Type II Standing Liberty Quarter VF25 SOLD!

Another SLQ from my personal collection. Classic design and above average quality. Only $90

1917-D Type I Standing Liberty Quarter VF35 SOLD!

Gorgeous “bare breast” SLQ with outstanding strike and luster! Toning much more attractive than photo. A stunning Type I for your type set! Only $140

1938-D Buffalo Nickel AU58 SOLD!

Here’s a nice lightly circulated Buffalo from the final year of issue. Lots of luster and a pretty gold tone. Only $15



1926-P Buffalo Nickel AU55 SOLD!

A beautiful Philly Buffalo from the ’20’s. Would make a great Type II for a type set! Only $25

1916-P Buffalo Nickel AU58 SOLD!

Above average quality and generous splashes of orange toning on this Buffalo. Only $30

1913-S Type I Buffalo Nickel AU58 SOLD!

Excellent strike on this tougher branch mint Type I Buffalo! Only $110



1913-P Type I Bufffalo Nickel AU58 SOLD!

A very nice slider Type I Buffalo nickel  ideal for a type set or as a starter for a clean high circ. set. Only $30